Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Edward Funk, owner of New Boston, Ohio filling station murdered

My great-grandfather Edward D. Funk
I had grown up hearing the story of my Grandma Hacker's father being killed in a filling station robbery.  In the past 2 years I found newspaper articles online that detailed the hold-up, the death of my great-grandfather, the search for the killers, the trial, and the execution in the electric chair of both men.

On October 21, 1924, while Edward Funk was counting up the money at the end of the day, Lindsey Traylor, aged 20, entered the filling station to rob my great-grandfather.  He was shot three times killing him at age 53.  Lindsey Traylor's accomplice was 28 year old Jason Adkins.  Both men were tried and found guilty, and were put to death in 1925.

Jason Adkins

Lenzy Traylor

Photos of Jason Adkins and Lenzy Traylor were found online at: Ohio Department of Rehabilitation and Correction Ohio Executions - 1925