Thursday, September 1, 2011

The Boulder Story

     I remember hearing my Dad and his brothers and sisters talk about a boulder that rolled down a hill into their house.  Dad always said it was a big boulder.  I guess I thought it was like the "big fish" story or the "I walked 6 miles to school in the snow, barefoot, uphill both ways" type of story.  That is until I found these two articles from the Portsmouth Times in Ohio.
     When I read this article and finally saw how large the boulder was, my grandmother, the Mrs. Joseph Hacker in the story, was very lucky she wasn't killed.  My Uncle Richard, who we always called Uncle "Reds", was also a very lucky little boy.  My father, Raymond, was playing in the side yard, and another Uncle, Bob, was on the front porch.  Good thing my grandmother was unharmed.  Her and my grandfather went on to have five more children.

     If you read my previous post on Edward Funk being killed in the gas station hold up, my grandmother who narrowly escaped being killed by the boulder, is Edward Funk's daughter Mae.

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  1. Wow! No made-up story there, that's for sure! It's totally a miracle that your grandmother wasn't killed.

    Whenever I happen to be driving on a road which is surrounded by steep rocks, I often fear one of them falling down and crushing my car. I wonder if your grandparents ever felt nervous about the possibility of one of the boulders falling loose and tumbling toward their house? If not before it happened, did they worry about a recurrence afterward?